Hi There! 

We're thrilled you found us! We hope you had time to browse our past showcase & couldn't be happier you're checking us out. We're a Houston, TX-based photography and videography team ran by best friends, husband & wife & business partners. If you ask does it ever get "old" working with your spouse? The answer is NO! We love creating memories together and for others, Our goal is to capture memorable moments either through photos or videos. What keeps us motivated is knowing we are capturing captivating moments that will be relived over and over. We both have our own strengths. Brittney is the creative mind behind a lot of shoots who loves to incorporate art and design into photography. She enjoys using her imagination when coming up with different concepts. Raymond is the editing and filming genius. He has an eye for detail and understands the technical side of things. He has the patience of Job, He will take a million shots and sort through them all while only selecting the very best. By working together we are not just doing a job. We're doing what we love to do which is make people sincerely happy. We appreciate all the continued support and can't wait to build future memories!